Sponsors play an important role for the survival and development of the club, we are proud to be associated with our sponsors and welcome their support.  The sponsor usually supports the boxer by funding their t-shirts and advertising, in return the boxer is associated to the sponsor and their business.  The boxer will compete wearing their colours/sponsor name and liaise with information about their progress and development and performance in the ring and the gym.

If you wish to become a sponsor and join our proud team please get in contact, we are a worthy cause.  

BBL Batteries

We are very proud to be associated with BBL Batteries Bristol and Russell Squires their area manager, we make a great team and are pleased they support us with our annual awards presenting us with trophies.

St Mary's Garage

We are proud to be associated with Phil Maunder and his team at St Mary's garage, Phil sponsors one of our talented boxers Sam Pillivant. 


We are proud to be associated with LazerPics, Johnny has been a former boxer of this club with a glorious history, he supports us whole-heartedly and is a life-long friend of the club.  Long may our partnership continue.

Deep Blue Logic

We are proud to be associated with Deep Blue Logic, Jon Walker is an avid fan of the club and is a sponsor to one of our up and coming light-heavyweights Nathan Wolf..

Phil Maunder

We are proud to be associated with St Mary's cars and Phil Maunder who is also a Parton of the club.  Phil sponsors our boxer Sam Pillivant a great prospect who we hope will make it as a champion as he has the talent.

Firewatch South West

Special thanks to Max Wiley and Firewatch South West for the fire safety equipment

Mike Pinter

Mike is an avid boxing fan, he was keen to support the club and provide help towards much needed equipment.

Mikes’ company MP Automotives carry 40 years worth of experience from when Mike was learning with his uncle while at school.

Happy to have such supportive people helping community sports.



Langs are providing our young boxers, bronze and silver medals for their SABA awards.

Team Kings thank Langs for their continued support and kindly donating the SABA Bronze, Silver and Gold boxers awards

Joe Gass

Webmaster of this site and club sponsor. Occasionally turns up for some training 🙂

Happy to support this community gym.