Kings Boxing Academy are proud to announce our new breed of boxers who are coming through the ranks and completing their Bronze awards,  there are several more being tested, these up and coming contenders look promising.

Their skills and eagerness to compete in the ring is encouraging from some of the set-backs the club has recently had to overcome.

We also have 3 female boxers who are starting to improve faster than most of the males which is impressive and they are heading towards jumping in the ring next season with their sights on the Championships.

Exams are soon upon us and usually effects the 16-18 year olds so they generally do not compete for 5 weeks.  This month is Ramadan and we respect that some will drop out during this time and return after Ede.

The club is making the right choices and good progress in terms of supporting boxers health, safety and well-being and are updating all their policies and H&S as an annual procedure.

There are just a few select places available for over 17’s only until after Easter 2022.

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