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Sports Opportunities

As part of our sporting ethics we offer training to those who have a real desire to become a boxer and get in the ring to compete for our team or non-contact self-defence and confidence building through our KINGS KIDS Box-Fit sessions or general fitness and conditioning arranged through the 1-2-1 sessions. We provide a gateway to greater things, a better, stronger you, we also provide expert tuition from outstanding coaches with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Become Better through Sports!

If you have the desire and commitment to compete or even become a Champion we shall take you all the way!


We actively promote physical fitness and health benefits and provide a range of programs and sports to promote physical well-being. Our expert team can provide all avenues of fitness programs and support your desire and efforts to engage in the sport of choice. Boxing, Wing Chung (Kung Fu), Combat Conditioning, Fitness, Circuit Training. One to One Personal Fitness and Team Training


As part of a healthy life-style and health benefits we promote physical and mental well-being. Our sports programs and classes offer excellent health benefits. Boxing training is renown for it's extreme fitness and ultimate peak physical conditioning second to none!

Team Kings statement: We are a competitive boxing and combat gym run by passionate unpaid volunteers, offering expert tuition in boxing, fitness and self-defence, promoting discipline, peak fitness, physical well-being, support and well-being.

We pride ourselves on our outstanding boxing reputation, expert tuition, technical skills and effective ring-craft.

Our community gym is fully equipped for gaining great results to support and boost you to greater things in combat, fitness and skills.  Visit our Facebook page for more details, events and regular updates.

We also offer open gym sessions for those who simply want to keep fit, train and enjoy the boxing side of fitness.

We offer quality coaching to National championship status; all volunteers have First-Aid and DBS, they are experts in their area of sports and skills.  Ages for competing boxers are from 11 years to 39 years (secondary school age).  Male and females from all walks of life are welcome from complete beginner, novice or ex-boxers/fighters returning to the sport.

We are affiliated with to the national governing body

We are a highly competitive boxing team with National Championship status overseen by our Level 3 qualified and award winning Head-Coach.

Boxing: Don’t dream about it let us deliver the reality!

Meet the team

All the coaches and instructors are fully qualified and experts in their sport offering the best of tuition to enhance your fitness and skills.
Chris Rattenbury

Chris Rattenbury

Head Coach

30 years’ experience in martial arts and boxing: Former official for the British Boxing Board of Control at World and National level, Specialist SEN further education tutor, qualified level 3 England Boxing coach, referee and boxing judge. Multi-award winning coach. DBS, First-Aid and current certifications in safeguarding and H&S.

Chris is at the forefront of the club, he has an excellent reputation for producing highly skilled, technical boxers and National Champions. He has a wealth of knowledge in boxing, fitness, strength and conditioning, nutrition and physical development as well as specialised combat preparation. His most recent award was the Teignbridge Sports Coach of the Year 2020-2021.

Sifu Derek Bradley

Sifu Derek Bradley

Wing Chung IP Man Traditional Chinese Martial Art and Street Defence:

Mr Bradley is a Master of Chinese IP Man Kung-Fu with 35 years experience, fully certificated and registered with the World Governing body and the highest regard to this respected martial art.

Wing Chung is a Traditional yet highly effective IP Man Kung Fu martial art developed over centuries to withstand time and society, highly effective for street defence and close quarters combat with devastating results.

Intelligent skills for the discerning student. (over 20s). Sifu (Father) Derek Bradley is also a committee member for the boxing club, he will act on issues of the gym/building and development.

His years of wisdom and experience will be greatly received as part of our community sports family.

John Cooper

John Cooper has joined our Academy bringing his own combat knowledge and system to the club, he brings over 10 years of experience from his assisting coaching from Kick-Boxing and has developed the Kings’ system of pad-work and combat preparation. John’s son was a Kick-Boxing champ and his success over several years was supported by his father.

John is another unpaid volunteer who has formerly assisted in the white-collar sector which has played a part of his combat experience, he specifically attends to assist boxers preparing to compete in the run-up to contests etc.

John is becoming one of the best Pad-Man in the area where-by he uses the Kings’ technical skills system to bring out the best from our boxers while increasing speed, accuracy, intense punch-rate and conditioning as part of the benefits pads bring out of a fighter.

John is an important asset to the club and our boxers bringing out the best during work-outs and set pieces, we are blessed to have such a volunteer in the gym.


Word of mouth and personal recommendation speaks in volumes.
Clare Williamson

Clare Williamson

"My son had never done boxing before joining King’s. The training is excellent. The kids all seem to help each other and there is a strong team approach. His skills and confidence have grown enormously and he just enjoys it. I’m really impressed and would highly recommend it."

Jon Ridley

Jon Ridley

"My lad has been going to the club for 9 months or so and absolutely loves it. The coach teaches them meticulously, so that the techniques learned will be cemented forever. Great for fitness too, but the focus is always on the sport. A good pace of progression and the coach will only let them move on to the next stage when he is happy they are safe to do so."

Julian Nuttall

Julian Nuttall

"I have been attending the open gym sessions for a number of weeks now. At the age of 47, with no boxing experience, I have been, made very welcome and I have had received some great fitness and tuition. I would recommend the open sessions for anybody who is new to boxing or wants to try a new sport. Everybody is very friendly and there is a real team ethic running through the sessions."

Amy Gunther

Amy Gunther

"An incredibly welcoming and friendly club. I would highly recommend to anyone who wishes to improve their boxing technique, with a top, experienced coach, who is committed to putting time into his fighters."

Camberley Boxing club

Camberley Boxing club

"Kings Boxing Academy is a great amateur boxing club

respect to coaches that give their free time to train others and drive around the country for them to compete 💯 🥊"

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