Avid boxing fans it has been some time since we have presented any news on our boxers so we want to enlighten you. As the Webmaster I sometimes train at the club but was asked to catch-up on my boxing club ‘Kings Boxing Academy’. It was a great pleasure to discover how well the gym was run and how good the standard of skills were instructed by their volunteer coaches but above all how gruelling the training and conditioning session was going. The team were preparing one of their warriors to compete at a show in Weymouth. The gym is more than fully equipped with every conceivable piece of equipment, also fully loaded with safety regulations and safeguarding which was impressive. During my visit I witnessed young people who came from all over the area to train as a boxer. We spoke to several boxers who came from Buckfastleigh, Ashburton, Chudleigh, Torquay, Dartmoor, Teignmouth and Dawlish as well as the locals.

I presented the question to their head coach ‘why do these boxers travel far and wide to attend this club’? The reply was evident when informed that boxing is a Pugilistic Art and that technique was instilled over brute force. Their boxers were meticulously taught concise techniques over clubs that teach quantity over quality. It takes longer with progression by skill stages but these skills are embedded for life and prepare boxers better for competing in the ring or self-defence against bullies etc.

‘It’s the Kings way’ and beginners looking for instant results often drop-out or go to another club or try another sport.

I was in awe of the fight preparation for Bishopsteignton’s 19 year old (62 KG) Finn Addiscott’s 8th fight. Watching him being coached on the pads by volunteer hot pad-man John Cooper and wholly impressed watching the skill, accuracy and ferociousness of his punches and technique. This humble young man looked far more experienced than his record suggests but what was realised was his dedication, his discipline combined with his grit and determination to climb into the ring and fight. The others (including his brother Ryan) were preparing for sparring to assist their stable mate for his weekend clash against Norton Radstock ABC’s Jacob Moon who was a very experienced fighter with many years in the gym to back him up.

The volunteers at the club were preparing a game-plan which relied on intense training, punch combinations and fighting ring-craft. Having an insight and privilege to witness the tough commitment and pressurised training in order to compete was a real eye opener and the average boxing fan does not see the hours of intense training a fighter has to go through to box in the ring and always be ready at short notice with a team who are prepared to travel anywhere in the country.

I have always been inspired and have massive respect for any person that trains in a boxing club, this club leaves no stone unturned in terms health, fitness and conditioning. Most never imagine what happens in the 90 minutes’ sessions and how impressive and respectful every member turns out to be. How do they make it look so easy throwing a 10KG (7 KG juniors) medicine ball around and hitting so hard and fast up and down a punch-bag. There’s no sport like it and no fitness that matches this, as they said ‘Only the Brave’

Finn Addiscott went on to Weymouth on Sat 28th Jan to box and fought his toughest fight to date against Jacob Moon (Norton Radstock ABC). The fight which turned into a courageous battle had Addiscott taking a standing 8-count in the 1st round but then Moon was forced to take 2 standing 8-counts in the 2nd round after taking a barrage of punches. The final round saw Addiscott firing on all 4 cylinders to hit his opponent with rapid punch combinations and intense effort which should have seen a stoppage but the referee was reluctant to step in during the ferocious fighting. This was by far the best fight of the night and Addiscott rightly got the unanimous decision.

Kings Boxing Academy made some recent changes to their governing body as in our previous news which in short terms is similar to switching from Rugby league and Rugby union. The club affiliated back to England boxing after 5 very successful years with the ABA of England where-by they produced National Champions and contenders. The club had far better success with the ABA with an impressive average 80% win ratio, but had to make the change to gain better opportunities and support as England Boxing is recognised by Sport England and their support is behind every club: EB also promote better opportunities and encouragement for female boxers. The ABA coaching qualifications are not recognised by EB or accredited by Sport England. Kings’ head coach is a respectable Level 3 coach of 30 years’ experience in combat sports and a qualified referee and judge with a further 15 years’ experience all qualified under England Boxing and Sport England and recognised by IBA the international boxing and Olympic board. The head coach was also Sports Coach of the Year 20/21 and is a multi-award winner for his dedication and efforts to the sport.

The club have limited spaces for any beginners who wish to compete but have a mission to produce more female boxers and female champions. For further details, please see their Facebook page

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