George Clark went to Bath City to take on the Universities best boxer Sam Breakwell, an experienced boxer who had a good boxing style to put George to the test.

Of course Kings ruled the canvas and George won every round to take the prize. This was George’s 3rd straight win in 5 weeks, we have the makings of a future champion.

Also Team Kings travel to London to take on some of their best clubs which is definitely a step up in class and looking to prove we really are a great team with expert coaching and talented boxers. Mikey Chavanga and Charlie Ryder will be in action on 2nd June, watch this space!

Further news reporter Rose Howes and her colleagues from the Mid-Devon Advertiser have been impressed with our progress, results and development, they have offered us a back page sports special for the 2nd week of June. Team Kings are proud to be associated with the MDA team!

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