Kings boxing academy braves have finally been beaten by a technical stoppage by the latest bout of viruses sweeping the globe and the team are devastated by the forced closure of their gym.  The team have only lost twice so far this season both in close decision and both in the National finals.

The closure of the gym came at a time when their Head Coach was due to celebrate his 4th year of re-opening the gym which has seen constant success and evolvement of the club going from strength to strength in every aspect.

This coincided with the commendation of their longest serving boxer Levi Chiplin, the 13 year old requested to join the gym back in September 2017 and has been a totally committed athlete and a prominent member of the squad ever since.

The rest is history with Levi competing at national level and winning all but 1 of his bouts even beating an opponent from the Famous Finchley ABC who had 9 full bouts and 3 skill bouts to his record for Levis’ first full bout winning by unanimous decision.

‘Here is proof that if you believe in a young person seeing their potential it can pay off and one day Levi could be a Champion, he only lost by a narrow majority in the National finals’, ‘ he is our Champion’.  The gym will re-open once the risk levels have lowered.

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